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No citizenry of any nation wants war, nor do they want to be controlled through puppet governments, the very purpose of imperialism’s mighty military. Write Green World publishers a book or two on these most stunning years in all history as the world goes peaceful in its sixth try throughout the past 1,700 Years, In a 15 minute read of the first three numbered paragraphs, our Homepage proves the simplicity and efficiency of a full and equal rights economy. China has had that “Henry George” economy for 80 years, and their rapid installation of high speed railroads, industries, super ports, highways, and industries of all kinds, not only in China but across the world, thoroughly proves its high efficiency.

Write a book on the many aspects of these most exciting moments in all history, and you will be helping your readers stay up with this fast changing world. Our books address the elimination of poverty, hunger, war, and yes taxes, as the new managers of this world build high speed railroads, super highways, dams for electricity and irrigation, all other needs of an efficient economy, and eventually will be rebuilding our soils, ecosphere, etc..
Vladimir Putin's Address On The Cessation Of Hostilities In Syria, read carefully as he alerts one that most the over 140 plus Color Revolutions” imperialism has engineered, of which Syria was one, are being reversed.

Stunning national, world, and local events, such as the above, that are crucial to a quality life for everybody are the central concepts within books published by Green World Publishing. Priced at only $5.50, so virtually everyone can afford them, please write us a good book building on any of these simple, yet powerful, little known realities, Green World Publishing will get you across the world, and earn you both substantial money and worldwide recognition addressing the many aspects of 133 nations declaring their freedom, and vowing to destroy America’s New World Order. Green World Publishing's books prove those newly free nations, after 30 years of educating millions of engineers, are at this moment, 2017, rapidly rebuilding the world and, if we can prevent the neocons and new American century people from starting nuclear World War III no power on earth is going to deny the citizenry of this world the high quality life everyone is entitled to.

Your news addresses all this as aggressive intent against us. They do not tell you the imperial power structures are signing onto the peaceful process of the newly free because it is either do that or lose out in markets across the world. Thus, CNN interviewed former President Bill Clinton on 9/29/2015 and he said, "South America and Africa are developing so fast they will be unrecognizable in 10 years, the very subject Green World Publishing’s books address deeply.

Being ruled by imperialists, the monopolists signed their own death warrants when they moved their industries to China. The prediction that this would be their undoing has been in all my books, including the first $400 book in ME Sharp’s catalog in the year 2,000, over $1,000 in today’s money. In that book, Economic Democracy: The Political Struggle of the Twenty-First Century, it's Chapter 17,“An Accident of History and a Crisis for Western Imperial Centers of Capital,” is the quiet prediction that China would free the world due to their access to technology as industry took advantage of $3 an hour labor. Once she reverse engineered that technology and improved upon it, she coached 132 other nations to, train more millions of engineers, and they quickly took over markets across the world, and the development of the world. Thus China effectively already freed much of the world by guiding, and financing, those 132 other nations into an alliance for world peace and prosperity.

You could have predicted all that if you had read Kurt Rudolf Mirow's and Harry Maurer's Webs of Power, p. 16, on the cause of WWI being Germany’s engineering skills taking over England's markets. As the king of England and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany were cousins, England broke the absolute rule of monopolists, “never share technology with anybody,” actually gave their technology to Germany, who then trained 3,000 engineers a year to England's 300 a year, soon they were producing cheaper and better products than England, who then went to war to reclaim their lost markets and, even though your history books never explained that to you, that was the cause of WWII.

China contracting to build high speed railroads, highways, electric grids, industries, and huge container ports, tying the entire world together efficiently, is that process of shared technology breaking the world free from imperialism. However, instead of monopolizing technology industry, and trade, as both England and Germany were trying to do, those newly free 133 nations are, through honest, equalized, currencies, are establishing a sharing, honest, world production, trading, system.

Because they are owned primarily by monopolists/imperialists, the job of your news corporations is to keep you misinformed, and, so far, they are not saying a word about the rule of monopolists rapidly coming to an end. After all, 70% of the world is already irrevocably free and, finally in 2017, a few within imperialism are discussing cutting back on their massive military efforts to reclaim control of the world. Since it would be an admission of their past guilt, you hear nothing on your news about the world rapidly breaking free. However, that is heavily discussed within some social media and occasionally, there will be a few professors brave enough to alert their students to the fact that America has been defending the imperial world, and is rapidly losing that struggle.

With imperialism's forces spread so thin, the locals joining the newly free world in this massive struggle for their freedom, and the benefits of China's, and those other 132 nations ongoing massive world development, the newly free world has a substantial advantage. Even the imperialist’s citizens are slowly turning against their nation's obviously unjust war policies. All those moves towards a more peaceful world are due to the many social medias and bloggers laying out the truth, right during the 2016 US elections, and this helped the masses within imperial nations become aware that they were the aggressors, not the battlers for freedom their citizenry have always been told. In short, the truth that the developed world has been the aggressors across the world is now rapidly leaking out.

China collecting the full rental values of all nature’s wealth through retaining title to all land, and also collecting the profits of her publicly owned banks, , measured in totality of loans made, are setting the pattern for the rapid development of the entire world. These three Numbered Paragraphs on our Home Page., a 15 minute read, is a summary of something close to the economic structure China has, and is putting in place across the world. When monopolizations of all kinds are abandoned, it is possible to eliminate poverty, hunger, wars, and most taxes within those full and equal rights economies, even as those redirected, now honest, earnings of society pay for the cost of running all governments, national, state, county and city, all health care, all social security retirements, education, libraries, and all other such basic infrastructures within an economy, see the first three paragraphs on our homepage.

Note how Jill Stein's Green Party intends to use those simple principles to fund schools and universities. On October 24, 2016, Michael Moore said on CNBC, "The days of imperialism are over, and will never return, the era of Reagan is over, and will never return. And the citizenry of both America and Europe are slowly realizing this.

The 1% have always known this, which is why the imperial monopolists, never permitted Henry George’s simple and honest principles to be implemented. Paul Craig Roberts also lays out some honest statistics of today. China’s, and the other 132 nations now in control of productive policies of finance and governing, are relegating economic crashes to the dustbin of history, and they may have already done so.

Paul Robert’s story is linked to the above points of development of honest economies. The proof is that our best economists have known all this for over 200 years. John Stuart Mill (1800-1873) English philosopher, economist, and social reformer, knew all the errors of property rights law within imperialism/capitalism as we have thoroughly proven in These three Numbered Paragraphs on our Home Page.

Quoting John Stuart Mill: "Landlords grow rich in their sleep without working, risking, or economizing. The increase in the value of the land, arising as it does from the efforts of the entire community, should belong to the community, and not the individual who might hold title." Note how Henry George, 1839-1897, was just a little over one generation behind John Stuart Mill. Obviously, like everybody else, Henry George built his theories upon the thoughts and philosophies of others, just as I am doing as I lay out these most historic moments in all history. As Mill's statement of obvious reality was a summary of Henry George's yet unwritten classic, Progress and Poverty, published in 1879, six years after Mill's death, obviously Henry George built his thesis upon the work of John Stuart Mill and others. And remember, what you learned in the above linked to three numbered paragraphs is nothing more than the 100% application of Henry George's economic principles.

On September 27th, 2015, 60 minutes, perhaps the most reputable news program in America, interviewed Russia’s Vladimir Putin for most of their 2 ½ hours. Putin easily and positively pushed aside the pure propaganda they started pouring at him. When they accused him of overthrowing the Ukrainian government, he came right back: “We know exactly who the planners of that Ukrainian government overthrow were, the weapons they distributed to accomplish it, and all else. It was America which overthrew the freely elected government of the Ukraine, and kept the current corrupt government in power, even when it was obvious the Ukrainians did not want them to run their country.” As I have no transcript, those words are not exact but that is essentially what he said. 60 minutes immediately turned friendly and rational. Again paraphrased by memory, “You are the most beloved and trusted leader in all modern history,” and there was much more reality laid out. And he should be so recorded in history, after all the intention of imperialism was to erase Russia off the map, and instead it is Russia, in alliance with those other 132 nations, who are erasing imperialism off the map as we speak.

Run a search for gene pool in J.W. Smith's books to fully understand the massive assaults on all other cultures by the very same imperialist culture as ISIS is attacking today. Ninety percent of the gene pools of those assaulted cultures do not exist today because the very purpose of that alliance of church and state for the first 1,500 years of their history was to disappear the gene pools of the locals within the regions in which they wanted to expand, For 1,700 Years We Were Not Free: Labor Was To Never Rule, tells that story.

That book alerts one to the previous five times the world almost broke free, each with characteristics similar to these most stunning moments in all history when, assuming some imperial idiot does not start nuclear world war three, the world will be free. Please expand upon these exposures as you write books for Green World Publishing.

3. Origins of Monopoly Property Rights Law: Full and Equal Property Rights Law. The perception managers tell you monopolies do not exist. In this book, a search for Kropotkin in that book will take you to his quote, plus several below it by other classical authors on the Middle Ages, and you will quickly recognize that today’s monopolizing, wealth extracting, poverty creating, property rights laws are nothing more than aristocracy's exclusive titles to nature's wealth which she offers to all for free.

Restructuring current exclusive titles to nature’[s wealth to honest, equal, property rights laws, eliminates those monopolies, and that windfall for the masses from honest property rights laws will pay for all health care, education, libraries, all retirements, etc., even as it also pays the costs of governments, national, state, and local, even as most, possibly all, taxes disappear. All that is proven in These three Numbered Paragraphs on our Home Page.

And we must remember, the nation currently developing the world, China, has collected the rental values of nature’s wealth for 80 years, and also collects the interest earned by her 80% publicly owned banks (measured in total money loaned).

China fully applies those economic principles of Henry George, the only economic theory never seriously challenged. Since it is China that has been leading and coaching those 133 nations in their push for freedom and full and equal rights, they will be putting those honest property rights laws into effect across the world. The massive war rhetoric you hear is imperialism's efforts to regain control and shut off those great gains for their former colonies, a struggle that they are destined to lose.

If you can write Green World Publishing International  a great book on any aspect of these full and equal rights economics, which the perception managers have kept from us, you will earn substantial royalties, as well as worldwide recognition, as Green World Publishing International pushes your books across the world. The book, listed just below, thoroughly explains how the 1% within the imperial nations control the perceptions of the world.

Perception-Management:-Creating-Enemies for the-masses, explains how our perceptions have been totally managed so the masses will never realize they can reclaim their share of the wealth that is currently owned by others, all of whom are totally unaware that the current winners, the 1%, are only the lucky ones within an impoverishing monopoly, wealth extraction, structure. It only looks productive because imperialism has been stealing the wealth of the world and, due to perception management within both universities ‘and our news channels. Read Ellen Schrecher’s No Ivory Tower, those thieves are unaware they are monopolists, and wealth extractors, lowering economic efficiency even as the textbooks and news channels tell us they, and the current economic structure are maximally efficient. After all, as their universities taught them monopoly capitalism, they left the accurately defining words “monopolists” and “wealth extractors” out of their books, as they taught us this was the most efficient economic structure possible. Again, Ellen Schrecker’s “No Ivory Tower” was the first alert that any professor who told you any of the simple realities we address had to keep quiet or lose their job. And they went much further, we again cite: In Nafeeze Ahmed’s, How the CIA made Google, every communication while setting that up used the term “perception management.” Though I had never seen that term used anywhere else, I have used it for years and is the title of this book Supports for the Google story immediately started coming in, German Journalist Blows Whistle on How the CIA Controls the Media, Michael Krieger: Many more journalists, and managers of the industries that bring us the news, have come forward since. As this knowledge is still surfacing, keep doing Google searches and you will find tons more information out there on managing the perceptions of the masses.

A 15 year old reading The three Numbered Paragraphs on our Home Page, fully understood it all. Peace is rapidly coming to this world. Be on the front lines in this battle to eliminate war, poverty, hunger, taxes, the current massive waste of resources and labor, and write a Green World Publishing International a book on any part of that ongoing process, This Publishing house will push your books across the world, should earn you substantial sums, and you will become well known.

If you are an officer in any of the highly progressive groups such as Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, or any of those 50 or more great progressive groups out there, they get 80% of Green World Publishing’s profits during their assigned period of time to alert their members and the world to these massive supports of their deepest beliefs and hopes. When that timespan is over, another progressive group gets those profits. If you know one of their officers, please have them contact us,, and we will explain it all.

If any American President suggests denuclearizing the world, our books document that they will find Russia and China fully willing and ready to do so. As that would be the legacy of every head of state during that time span, it could happen, control of the world through military power would be relegated to the dustbin of history, the current many trillions of dollars currently spent on the military will be turned towards the most needy, and the world can soon restructure to the high quality life as outlined is possible in Green World Publishing’s books.

The key to high quality Ebooks is to eliminate all spaces at the top or bottom of all titles, paragraphs , lone sentences, chapter and subchapter titles, etc.,, in your .docMS Word manuscript. If you leave any space, anywhere  calibre will interpret it as a blank page. Highlight each of those edges by dragging your cursor along each edge. If the marked edge proves there is space at that edge, go to page layout at the top of your screen, highlight each paragraph, chapter and subchapter titles, lone sentences etc., and reduce all edges are oo. Once you know there are no spaces, go to “Page Layout” at the top of your MS word screen, and be sure all edges are 00. If you want to check, or change, font style or size, click on “home”, to be sure you have the right font style and size. Then go to “Home” in the upper left corner, and both chapter and subchapters should be heading 1. The chapter number is first out on all chapter tiles, and no numbers on subchapters identify them. Always remember, the secret to beautiful Ebooks is the proper M S Word preparation as laid out above.

Before you start translating to an Ebook, have a ½ inch high by ½ inch wide book cover on your desktop, or in a titled folder, to drag into calibre, which will be your first move in the translation. Know exactly the title you will be using, and the last four letters will be epub. As said above, that MS word file must have chapter titles coded as “heading 1”and that option is within “home” in the upper left corner of your screen.” Subchapter” titles are also coded as Heading 1, but there is no number added.

To translate to E books, DOWNLOAD FREE CALIBRI AT Open Calibre, click on “add books,” It will ask you to find the folder with all your MS Word book manuscripts. Click on the MS Word file you want to translate, and it will copy to Calibre. Calibre will remember that folder next time you translate. Click on “Edit Data.” Drag the book cover from your desktop, or wherever it is stored, change the title to it’s exact E book title, example ModernBanking.epub. Put author’s name in both slots so titled, put 00 in series number, put 5 in ratings, put in date published, put in publisher’s name, double check everything, click ok, and click on Convert Books. Open “Page Setup,” change top number to 50, next one down to 25, next one to 50, and bottom # to 25. Click ok, back to Convert Books, click on Table of Contents, mark the three top left boxes, click on the / on the right edge, click on the arrow in the top long box, click on tiny arrow in long box, choose h1, that code drops into the top long box, click on tiny arrow in long box, choose middle angled ./ click little arrowhead again, choose h2, h1 will be in the top box, h2 must be in the middle box, bottom box remains empty. Click ok, back to Convert Books, click on Epub Output. Check mark each of the four boxes. In Title for put TOC, click ok. And that manuscript is now an E book. Soon you will be able to translate one manuscript every four minutes.

The ms word files you translate to an E book must have all chapter headings coded “heading 1”, add the number of the chapter. Do exactly the same for subchapters, and they are identified because they have no numbers on them.