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The World's Wasted WealthJW Smith

The founder of Green World Publishing International brings a lifetime of living to you through the pages of the books we publish. J. W. Smith experienced the Great Depression of the 1930s, World War II, and was awarded a Purple Heart during the Korean War. He directs his energies into his lifelong fight against poverty and war. J.W. Smith searched for 37 years, for the real reason behind the outbreak of the Korean War, which is not actually over yet. Discovering the true reason for this conflict has spurred him on and encouraged the publication other important works. Saying to myself "i do not deserve a purple heart for killing innocent people, i I threw that purple heart away. To understand that better, we now make A quck advance to the Vietnam War. An entire company firgured out just what i had figured out about Korea, they were the agressors killing innocent people. They threw down their guns, headed for the North Korean lines to surrender, were helicpter gassed, and all died. Dedicated researchers of 60 Minutes researched that story deeply, and prepared to present all that. As this would, at least could, collapsse the current power structure, the 1% were able to shut that scheduled presenttion down, and several dedicated, totally honest, collectors and presenters of honest news, gave up their carreers. Very few people know these kinds of realities of this world, and Green World Publishing is dedicated to expose all such immoral decisions.  
 J.W. Smith began his first book, The World's Wasted Wealth, in 1948 which ultimately helped him earn his Ph.D. He also worked for a railroad company while preparing his book and was later asked to present a two-day workshop to some college students. He realized people learned a lot from his workshop and this emboldened him and opened a new world of writing and publishing.J.W. Smith is inspired by reality. Even as a kid he could sense when someone was not 100% authentic. He enjoys putting stories together and looking back at the finished products. He compiles information about the things people need to know.
J. W. Smith has evolved as a nonfiction writer, and ultimately hopes people gain the knowledge they need from the books Green World Publishing International puts out. For many years his books have pondered ways of eliminating poverty and war. Enrich your life with the masterful storytelling these books provide.


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